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Empowering people to live healthier lives.

Accord Healthcare is committed to improving patient access to medicines and solving healthcare needs for today and the future. In addition to our focus on safety and quality in manufacturing, we are proud to support multiple, nonprofit medical and humanitarian organizations by providing donated medicines that reach underserved communities around the globe. In many of these communities, basic medical care is limited, facilities are nonexistent, or medications are unavailable.

In our local community, we support students in pharmacy educational programs by providing financial support through donations and scholarship funding. Accord Healthcare provides the invaluable experience that comes from internship opportunities working directly in industry.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Accord Healthcare believes that excellence arises from diversity in perspectives and experience. We encourage and support representation and inclusivity of all people and will not tolerate bias or prejudice in any form. Through equitable hiring practices and an awareness of the potential contributions of all people, we commit to maintain equal opportunities for participation across our industry’s diverse expanse of professionals.

Accord Healthcare will continue to advocate for equality and social justice in our mission and our messaging and to create new possibilities for inclusion through innovation, through our culture, and through our business practices.